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What’s The Aluminium Circles Manufacturing Process

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    The aluminum round discs is a popular choice for making cookware, utensils, crafts, traffic signs, etc. It has two processing ways: DC and CC. According to the forming ways, it can be divided into punching, cutting and laser cutting.
    The whole manufacturing process is like this: ingot- melting-holding furnace- continuous casting/direct casting- cold rolling- tension levelling- pumping/cutting/laser cutting- inspection- annealing- inspection- packing- warehouse- delivery.
    The production equipment includes press machine, cutting machines, tension levelling, annealing furnace, moulds,etc.

    Raw material

    aluminum circle raw material

    Tension levelling

    tension levelling of aluminum round discs

    Press machine 

    press machine of aluminum circle

    Cutting machine

    aluminum blanks

    Annealing furnace 

    annealing furnace of aluminum circle


    mould of aluminum circle disc

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