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Aluminum coil manufactures of 1000 series aluminium alloy co

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      Haomei is among leading aluminum coil manufacturers of 1000 series aluminium alloy coil in China, supplying 1050, 1060, 1070 and 1100 aluminium coils. These aluminium coils share similar mechanical and chemical properties, since they belong to the same series and have similar chemical compositions. In particular, they contain aluminium contents of 99.5%, 99.6%, 99.7% and 99% respectively. The 1000 series aluminum coil alloys are featured by low hardness, good corrosion resistance and light weight.
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      Among the most experienced aluminum coil manufacturers of 1000 series aluminium alloy coil, Haomei supplies 1000 alu coil rolls of 0.2mm to 8.0mm thick, 10mm to 2600mm wide and various surface treatment methods: mill finish, color coating, anodizing, embossing, mirror polishing and so on. Customized specifications are acceptable.

      Haomei has one of the longest history of 1000 series aluminium coil manufacturers. Built three decades ago, it first grew up by developing domestic business. At present it takes up 10% market share in China, serving clients from diverse fields, such as auto making, coach making, container making, advertising, name plates, licence plates, cookware, pipeline building, wall cladding, curtain walls, air conditioner and so on. Owing to the vast scope of aluminium applications, our clients come from hundreds of industries manufacturing industrial, marine, civil and naval products. Twenty years ago, Haomei began its try on the international market. After two decades of hard work and sincere service, we have built a huge client database covering nearly 100 countries and regions.

      In the new era Haomei aims to do better than before, especially in enhancing quality level of aluminum coils and service level of our staff. We will respond more quickly, adhere to quality control more firmly and develop more aluminium coil and sheet products to meet new requirements.

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