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Aluminum diamond sheet plate for trailer flooring

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      Trailer flooring can adopt either aluminum diamond sheet plate or five bar aluminum plate. Though in some regions plain mill finished aluminium plates are applied, they are much less durable. The trailer flooring diamond plate must be strong, wear resistant and rust proof. The most frequently used are 1100H24 and 3003H24. 1100 is the hardest of pure aluminum alloys, and 3003 is even harder and more corrosion resistant than 1100. Their tensile strength is excellent, too. If you want 5052 or 5083, we can supply as well, but the price would be higher. The thickness of trailer aluminum diamond sheet plates is 2.2mm to 3.2mm. Width (up to 2000mm) and length (up to 3800mm) can be customized.
    diamond aluminum plate trailer floor

      The advantages of aluminum diamond plate for trailer flooring are as below. First, it has a good wear resistance, lasting at least years without being worn out. Second, it fits well the under steel plates. If you use a rubber floor, there will be between the rubber and the steel plate, which is easy to cause corrosion and has a bloody smell. Aluminum diamond plates, on the other hand, cause no such trouble. The thickness of the substrate is generally 2.2 and 2.7. There are also 3.2. The pattern thickness on the top is 0.8. There are many patterns, with diamond and five bar the most popular and cheapest.

      Except for the special advantages as a checker plate, the trailer flooring aluminum diamond sheet plate helps to reduce the overall weight of the vehicle, thereby reducing carbon dioxide emissions, improving fuel efficiency, and ensuring energy-saving effects to a greater extent. It has excellent corrosion resistance, formability and welding property, which reduces the waste of materials and increases the safety factor of the vehicle. The aluminium plate can be recycled more easily, too.

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