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1060 3003 Aluminum Circle for Pan Pot

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    Aluminum circle discs are round aluminum plates stamped by continuous stamping equipment from aluminum coils. They are usually in H and O temper, which are mainly used in deep drawing and spinning industries such as tableware, kitchenware, lampshades, etc.
    According to the different processing technologies, it can be divided into CC and DC aluminum circle. DC aluminum circle has better stretching effect. They can meet the processing requirements of different cookware such as pot and pan.
    1060 3003 aluminum circle
    Because the food does not directly contact the heat source during the cooking process that needs conducting through the cookware, the cookware needs to maintain good thermal conductivity. Aluminum discs such as 1060 aluminium circle has high thermal conductivity, quickly transferring the heat of the fire source to the food.
    In the process of high-temperature cooking, the cookware needs to achieve chemical performance stability, which determines that the metal materials used in the cookware should have a strict range. Aluminum circle has high corrosion resistance and stable performance.
    Aluminum circle for sale has good stretching effect, therefore, various shapes and styles can be realized according to the design requirements. In addition, the cookware made of aluminum discs has no undesirable conditions.
    The main aluminum circle alloys are 1060 and 3003 aluminum circle. Haomei Aluminum has strict control of chemical composition and heat treatment process, eliminates internal stress, reduces  intragranular segregation and structural unevenness, and greatly improves the stretchability and plasticity of the coil material. This ensures that customers can effectively avoid orange peel and ensure the stretching effect in the later processing.
    For the common sizes, we have ready-made molds. Non-standard size and special-shaped aluminum circle  molds can be customized, and the mold fee is free for large quantities. Welcome to leave message below to inquire what you need. 

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