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Features and price of spining circle aluminum plates

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      At present, the production of spining circle aluminum plates mainly depends on stamping equipment. In the past, however, the process is carried out by by manual stamping, the efficiency of which is very low. Haomei Aluminium adopts internationally popular continuous stamping equipment to automatically stamp aluminum circle plates off aluminum coil rolls, which not only improves production efficiency, but also reduces the production cost of aluminum wafers.
    spining circle aluminum plates

      Features of spining circle aluminum plates

      The plates are made of hot-rolled coils, whose elongation of the master batch, internal structure, and grain size are superior to cold-rolled products. In particular, hot rolled aluminum materials are suitable for circle aluminum wafers that require anodizing. After oxidation, the surface texture is consistent and there is no color difference. Now aluminum wafers are usually deep-drawn through stamping equipment or spinning equipment, which has higher requirements for extension. At the same time, the current high-end lamps and cookware will undergo surface treatment after processing and forming, that is, anodizing treatment. The continuous stamping aluminum wafer not only has a high elongation rate, but also has a better anodizing effect, which is especially suitable for the use of such products.

      The price of spining circle aluminum plates:

      This type of aluminum circle plate uses hot-rolled base material (mainly pure aluminum), and a certain amount of waste aluminum is generated during the stamping process, so its price is about 21.5, around -22 yuan/kg. Of course, the surface of hot-rolled products is incomparable to conventional aluminum wafers. Our company has nearly 100 kinds of aluminum wafer stamping dies, mainly producing products between 200mm and 1200mm. If you need aluminum circle discs for deep drawing or spinning, welcome to contact us!

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