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How to select quality color coated aluminium coil

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      Color coated aluminium coil rolls are are a new type of decorative material becoming more and more popular. Owing to the fact that they have a coated surface which conceals any possible defects, it’s very convenient for manufacturers to play tricks in quality. As a professional 12-year color coated aluminum coil supplier, we would like to share tips in selecting quality rolls as below.

      1. Bend the roll slightly and check whether the front is broken.

      2. Check whether the surface is smooth and free from ripples, blisters, shelter points and scratches.
    color coated aluminum coil

      3. Fold a corner of the color coated aluminium coil, and surface with inferior paints break easily.

      4. Burn the middle material of the aluminum coil. The real PE or PVDF paint is completely burned, and the impurity is caused by the fake combustion.

      5. Measure the inner wall panel of 3mm and the outer wall panel of 4mm or more. The thickness of aluminum must be 0.5mm, or else it does not meet the requirements.

      6. Drop of methyl ethyl ketone identifies the fluorocarbon coating of the external wall board and drop xylene to identify the coating of the internal wall board. After 5 minutes, wipe off the reagent to see if the bottom is exposed.

      7. Request the manufacturer's quality inspection report, quality assurance certificate, ISO-9002 international quality certification. The manufacturers who own these are produced by regular manufacturers, which can guarantee the quality of the products, the same price to quality, and quality to price.

      The high popularity of color coated aluminum coil rolls lead to uneven quality level of the products in international market, and you will never be too careful in your purchasing work. Hope the tips above is helpful.

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