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How to tell the quality of aluminum circle blanks

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      To tell the quality of aluminum circle blanks, there are simple and scientific ways. The former entails observation of the blank surface. First, a high-purity aluminum wafer blank has a smooth surface, strong reflectivity, and silver-white metallic color. The dull surface suggests the lack of purity of the aluminum ingot. Secondly, the surface color and light should be very uniform, and there should be no pitting or pits. In this case, the production process of the surface manufacturer is not advanced enough. Thirdly, the surface should be flat, and some places should not be protruding and some places should be sunken in. When this product is stretched and spun, the problem of high ear-making rate is bound to occur.
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      The scientific ways involves ear rate and chemical composition. That’s why asking for samples is always more important than checking pictures. Whatever product you will use an aluminum circle to make, make it with the sample pieces directly. Various unexpected problems might arise with poor-quality aluminum discs in further process, such as earring, tiny holes, uneven thickness, impurities and so on. In addition, testing the composition of an alu circle proves to be a more scientific way, for chemical composition of a circle decides its final appearance and all mechanical properties. Aluminum circle discs fall on four groups by composition: 1xxx, 3xxx, 5xxx and 8xxx series of aluminium alloys, each of which has its own composition scope. For example, 1050 1060 1100 aluminum alloy of aluminum circles belongs to 1xxx series, and their content of aluminium should be over 99%. In case of insufficient aluminium share, the tested circle is not pure enough. Of course, each of these grades has accurate composition of its own, and the best circles match this precisely.

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