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High quality aluminum gutter coil/aluminum tubing coil

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    aluminum gutter coil/aluminum tubing coil
    5" K Gutter Coil = 11.75"
    Yield = 2.65 feet per pound of coil (.027)
    Yield = 2.24 feet per pound of Coil (.032)
    6" K Gutter Coil = 15" x .032
    Yield = 1.75 feet per pound of coil
    50 lb. Minimum Order
    Gutter aluminum coils have a 16" Interior Diameter (I.D.)

    This aluminum coil brake comes from Quality Aluminum and is designed for forming the 5 or 6 inch K-Style (Standard) Gutters and has over 30 colors to chose for your business needs. Each roll has enough coil to supply several houses of gutters and allows for extensive lengths to be made. An added benefit of having this much coil is you can sell directly to other installers and help make a return on your gutter machine and your coil, with out having the overhead of each job sinking into your costs.
    Features of aluminum gutter coil/aluminum tubing coil:
    Coil used for making 5in. or 6in. K-Style Gutters
    900ft. of coil in each roll for 5 inch gutters, 600ft. of coil for 6 inch gutters
    30 colors available to accent any home's exterior
    Made from Aluminum for easy forming and coated for water protection
    Available to purchase in 1 or 3 roll quantities
    We are professional a aluminum coil for gutter/tubing manufacturer:
    a).4 color coating lines, 2 slitter lines and 2 embossing lines. we also have one new production line of protective film.
    b). Advanced production facilities, use superior coating and aluminum alloy.
    c). Exported 8 sets automatic production line for color coated aluminum coilline from Germany.
    Let us have a look about the application of PE/PVDF color pre painted aluminum coil:
    a) used as decoration materials, like aluminum composite panel, aluminum ceiling, roofing;
    b) used to manufacture aluminum curtain wall, roller shutter door, garages door, rain gutter;
    c) apply to manufacture furniture, electronic industry;
    d) used as pakcaging materials and home decoration

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