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Common quality defects of aluminum trim sheet coil

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    Whether in the rolling process or in the aluminum trim sheet coil transportation process, we will encounter various defects of aluminum sheet. If you understand the manifestations and causes of these defects, you can quickly buy high quality aluminium sheets.

    Let's have a look.

    Embossing: Irregular aluminum coil roll surface and chromatic aberration are caused by folding and breaking of aluminum trim coil for celling/gutter/curtai and strip. The phenomenon of chromatic aberration is periodically printed on the surface of strip during rolling.

    Wave: Main causes: A. unbalanced adjustment of roll gap and unreasonable roll shape control; B. uneven lubrication and cooling, resulting in uneven deformation of plate and strip; C. unreasonable distribution of pass reduction; D. bad shape of incoming plate; E. uneven use of coiling tension.

    Warping: The main causes are: A. excessive reduction during rolling; B. uneven distribution of lubricating oil during rolling; C. improper adjustment of cutting edge during shearing.

    Side bending: the main causes are: A. rolling mills have different ends pressing down; B. mill is not properly fed; C.the thickness of the aluminum plate and the incoming material are not consistent; D. roller is not preheated properly or the emulsion flow is not properly controlled; E.the lubricant concentration of the process is too high, resulting in slippage; F. there are wave waves in the strip, and the waves expand after shearing.

    Coiling collapse: the main causes are: A. improper tension during coiling; B. external pressure; C. low strength of coil core; D. non-coil coil produced by annealing.

    Layer misalignment: main causes: A. uneven billet; B. improper tension control of rolling mill uncoiling and coiling; C. uneven reduction, sleeve series; D. improper adjustment of flattening roll; E. abnormal alignment system in coiling process; F. poor parallelism of roll system.

    Loosening: the main causes: A. uneven or too small tension in the coiling process; B. too small pressure of rollers when uncoiling; C. unstable steel strip or clip, when lifting.

    Bird's nest: the main causes are: A. improper use of tension before and after coiling; B. non-circular expansion ring or undercut when coiling, resulting from uneven distribution of stress after unwinding; C. poor quality of coiling core.

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