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Transport and storage of color coated aluminum sheet

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      The color coated aluminum sheet is a commonly used material. Colored aluminum sheets are usually purchased in large quantities, which entails delivery to ports or store houses. If the sheets are not used immediately, they should be stored reasonably. This article shares transport and storage of color coated aluminum sheet.

      Storage of color coated aluminum sheet

      1. The storage environment should be dry, bright, well ventilated, and free from corrosive weather. At the time of storage, the bottom of the floor is separated from the ground by a mat.

      2. Ensure that the oxide film and paint film on the surface of the profile are not damaged and use qualified cement and sand. It is strictly forbidden to store together with chemical materials and moist materials. After processing into doors and windows, clean with regular cloth and neutral.
    color coated aluminum sheet

      3, in the daily transportation and preservation should pay attention to the humidity and storage environment, to prevent storage with chemicals, resulting in damage to the color coated aluminum coil.

      Delivery of color coated aluminum sheet

      1. The sheet packages must be handled gently during transportation to prevent surface damage from being affected by bumping. It should be covered with tarpaulin during transportation to avoid the intrusion of rain and snow frost.

      2. When transporting at high temperature, put the desiccant in the middle or open the small hole on both sides for the color coated aluminum coil to breathe, or place the exhaust system to avoid the occurrence of high temperature after the water droplets appear during transportation. The neatness causes oxidation of the aluminum coil.

      3. Pay attention to the environment and dry ventilation when transporting. Do not put together chemical materials such as corrosives to avoid unnecessary losses.

      4. When the larger size materials are stacked together, the materials are separated by materials such as wood strips to prevent friction damage during stacking or picking up.

      The color coated aluminum sheets need to be tested by our staff and users according to their requirements from the production to the transportation after use. Many people have reacted to their products in a short time and have problems. It is a quality problem. In fact, in addition to quality, there may be daily neglect of protection, so everyone should reasonably store and transport.

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