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Aluminum strip for channel letter suppliers

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      Channel letters are widely used in various luminous characters and light boxes. Taking advantages of aluminium in light weight and good mechanical properties, aluminum strip suppliers have developed a corresponding product: aluminum strip for channel letter. The flat aluminum sideband and the side-emitting flat aluminum sideband are used for mini words and borderless characters indoors and outdoors. The design of the illuminating light is divided into four kinds of designs: round hole, long hole, starlight and lucky light. The unique illuminating design makes the illuminating word more visually impactful and better. Channel letters made of aluminium have light weight, good anti-corrosion effect, good heat dissipation, good light transmittance, strong plasticity, simple wording etc.
    Aluminum strip for channel letter suppliers

      Aluminum strips for channel letters are usually cut into short pieces whose length range from 3mm to 11 cm, and the regular thickness is between 06 and 08. We have various color paints for our channel letter aluminum strips. The strip is around 100 meters per roll. You can customize logo on the strip surface, too. With diversified products to meet the different needs of customers, we supplies ten years warranty, high quality and excellent price. Among mature aluminum strip suppliers, we have 30 years of mechanical experience and 10 years of advertising logo experience, proving to be more trustworthy than many competitors. The strip rolls are packed with PE film and five layers of cardboard boxes, which ensures security of the rolls in the transportation process. Our aluminum strip for channel letter boasts high plasticity, strong corrosion resistance, excellent electrical conductivity and good thermal conductivity. Welcome to send inquiries!

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