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aluminum evaporator coil is better to copper coil

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    Aluminum coils inc for the evaporator unit are less expensive to produce. This allows for a more affordable air conditioner or heat pump. Aluminum is also easy to recycle, and many systems that include aluminum coil brake produce it with recycled material. Aluminum is less effective at heat transfer compared to copper.

    Copper coils are easier to maintain and repair, but increase the cost of an air conditioner or heat pump system. Some units are vandalized due to the copper fittings within the system.
    So because aluminum is not effected by formicary corrosion, aluminum is the better coil material? yes,Aluminum is a very reliable material. However, this does not mean an all aluminum coil stock lowes will not fail ‘at some point’ due to refrigerant leaks.
    Features and Benefits of aluminum evaporator coil
    Cased A coil design for efficient heat transfer in a compact size
    Efficiency-optimizing Thermostatic Expansion Valve (TXV)
    Fully insulated cabinet
    Corrosion-free sloped drain pan design helps reduce mold and bacterial buildup
    10-year parts limited warranty
    Cold rolled aluminium coil

    Alloy series Typical alloy Tytical temper Specification
    Thinkness Wide Inner diameter Outer diameter




    1050 1100 3003 3004 5052 5083 5182 5754





    0.20-3.5 1200-2650 505/605 Max.2560




     2024 6016 6061 6082 7020 7N01 7075 7050 O,T4-T6 0.30-3.5 1200-2650 505/605        Max.2560

    Aluminum coil stock lowes application:
    Building, aluminum coil curtain wall, ceiling, panels, transformers, food packaging, air conditioning, condenser, air filter, refrigerators, washing machines, solar energy, automobile manufacturing, ship manufacturing, machinery manufacturing, electric equipment such as cosmetic packaging, machinery manufacturing industry, etc.

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