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    Aluminium strip tape for frame in metal-plastic window

  • Minimum Order Quantity:3 Metric Tons
  • Port: Any port of China
  • Payment Terms:L/C,T/T

Product Description

Aluminium tape for spacer for insulating glass is a detectable tape manufactured from rot resistant polyethylene and bonded with a 10mm wide aluminium strip and is not less than 12 micron thick.

1. Thickness from 0.018-1.20mm

2. Max coil width: 1650mm(standard 1240mm)

3. Coil's standard dia: 1200mm, interior dia: 105mm, 405mm, 505mm

4. Weight: 0.5 to 5.0 MT/ coil or by buyer's option

The aluminium strip is a useful tool in the professional kitchen. Its main characteristics are durability and the fresh keeping of food, which preserves its taste and aroma. Another advantage of aluminium strip is the ability to protect the food against humidity, bacteria and other type of risks for its quality. The same features are very important for the pharmaceutical industry also, in fact the aluminium strip become an efficient barrier to protect the medicines.

Chemical composition of aluminium strip for frame in metal-plastic windows

1000 Series: pure aluminum

3000 Series: Aluminum Manganese Alloy

5000 Series: Aluminum magnesium alloy

6000 Series: aluminum silicon alloy

We also supply other types of aluminum Strip

*Transformer special aluminum strip: Alloy:1060 Temper:O Thickness:0.3-3.0(mm),

* Pipe aluminum strip: Alloy 8011 Temper: O Thickness: 0.16-0.3(mm),

*Cable with aluminum strip: Alloy: 8011/1060 Temper: O Thickness:0.12-0.20(mm) ,

*Hollow glass with aluminum strip: Alloy:3003 Temper: H16 Thickness:0.12-0.4(mm),

Our aluminium strip are manufactured according to standard procedures, which are studied to get high performances from every application field. The common characteristic of all HAOMEI aluminum product is the versatility, this is the reason why you can use our aluminium strip with excellent results in your professional activities. If you need specific consultation about the uses of aluminium strip, contact us ( Email:sarah@aluminium24.eu)without obligation.

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