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    aluminum coil for beverage cansmirror aluminum coil

  • Minimum Order Quantity:3 Metric Tons
  • Port: Any port of China
  • Payment Terms:L/C,T/T

Product Description

aluminum coil for beverage cans:
alloy:5182 / 5052 /3104
Temper: H19 H48 H49
Thickness: 0.279mm/0.287mm/0.292mm,MAX 0.45mm (+/-0.003mm)
Width: 35mm -1700 mm Make by the customer’s order (+1.5mm–0mm)
UTS (MPa): 330-365
TYS (MPa): 380-420
Surface Treatment: Embossed
Surface State: Double light Aluminum Foil
Packaging Details: wooden case with waterproof materials for transport

application of mirror aluminum coil:
Building, curtain wall, ceiling, panels, transformers, food packaging, air conditioning, condenser, air filter, refrigerators, washing machines, solar energy, automobile manufacturing, ship manufacturing, machinery manufacturing, electric equipment such as cosmetic packaging, machinery manufacturing industry, can also be used in power plants, chemical anti-corrosion insulation in petrochemical industry, etc.
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Advantage of mirror aluminum coil for beverage cans:
1. Light weight, easy to carry;
2. Not easy to break, good safety;
3. Good sealing, long shelf life of contents;
4. The body of the jar is beautifully printed to attract eyeballs.
5. Good heat conduction, quick cooling of canned drinks;
6. Filling is faster and more efficient than other packaging materials.
7. Easy to stack and transport;
8. 100% infinite recycling, the highest recycling rate of all packaging containers, the protection of resources and the maximum reduction of waste production, conducive to sustainable development

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