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    Air conditioner aluminum coil aluminum coil stock colors

  • Minimum Order Quantity:3 Metric Tons
  • Port: Any port of China
  • Payment Terms:L/C,T/T

Product Description

We all know that copper also called copper coil is better than aluminum among all the aspect, although some manufacturers are still using aluminum. Why? Only thing is the cost. Copper much expensive than air conditioner aluminum coil . That’s why manufacturers using aluminum coils to drop the air conditioner price so that luxurious air conditioners can be made available to more people at low or moderate price.
In Air conditioner, coils are used to convert gas refrigerant to liquid refrigerant and vice versa, which is used to further cool the room.
air conditioner aluminum coil
Heat transfer rate:Low
Corrosion:Galvanic corrosion, Hard to avoid, it’s hard to clean due to covering metal cabinet
Durability:Less stronger and less durable
Can be repairable:No, in most the case to replace with new coil.
HAOMEI aluminum is an professional air conditioner aluminum coil ,aluminum coil stock colors,aluminum coils manufacturer.

Specifications of aluminum coil stock colors:
1, Material:Pre-treatment material
2, Paint: 70% PVDF from PPG or Valspar;
3.Pretreatment: the raw aluminum has to be washed by acid, and chromized. After it is dried out, it will be covered by oxide film to heighten the adhesion.
4, Colors: Can do as your requirement
5. Polyester coating ingle coating, one layer, 18μm; double coating, two layers, 25~27μm. PVDF coating: two layers of PVDF coating, at least 25μm, and if required, it will be covered by another layer of varnish, 35μm in total.
Temper: O H12 H14 H18 H24 H32
DC or CC
Thickness: 0.2-10mm
Width: 300-1920mm
Characteristics of aluminum coil stock colors:
Excellent joining characteristics, good acceptance of applied coatings. Combines relatively high strength, good workability, and high resistance to corrosion; widely available.
Application of aluminum coil stock colors:
Uses: Aircraft fittings, camera lens mounts, couplings, marines fittings and hardware, electrical fittings and connectors, decorative or misc. hardware, hinge pins, magneto parts, brake pistons, hydraulic pistons, appliance fittings, valves and valve parts

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