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Transportation tips of aluminium sheet coils

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    Aluminum sheet coil roll can be packed in whole roll and divided into small rolls for transportation. It is better to liner paper core or aluminium core to prevent deformation of aluminium coil in the process of transportation. Aluminum sheet should pay attention to stability during loading and prevent collision of aluminum sheet.

    Aluminum sheets and coils are corrosion-resistant. If they are rained during transportation, the surface may be corroded. Therefore, in the transportation of aluminum sheets, aluminum strips and embossed aluminium sheets, moisture-proof and rain-proof must be achieved. Anticorrosive liquids should not be mixed with wet, oil products, chemical raw materials and other materials to avoid local corrosion and scrap aluminium sheets or aluminium sheets. Aluminum sheet plate hardness is generally low, so in the process of transportation, we should also do a good job in anti-knock work, especially in the case of aluminum foil more likely to occur, knock, when loading, unloading and transshipment, we must do a good job of protection, including lifting gear should use soft belt and travel companion contact should use corner guard, so as to ensure the safe arrival of goods.

    In addition, to achieve a reasonable loading of aluminium sheets: aluminium sheets must be installed stably and fixed, not on other goods, but on the bottom of the carriage; secondly, aluminium sheets can be stacked hierarchically, but not too high, not more than 3-4 layers is appropriate; thirdly, other goods in the carriage should be reinforced to avoid collision with aluminium sheets in the course of driving; lastly, aluminium sheets should be covered with waterproof. Cloth, avoid the loss of aluminium plate caused by rain, snow and other weather reasons.

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