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Haomei pre-painted aluminum circle 1070 3003 5052

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      Haomei pre-painted aluminum circle 1070 3003 5052 incorporates three series: 1xxx, 3xxx and 5xxx. Usually 1070 is not painted, limited by its application, but 3003 and 5052 can be painted for high-end products.
    pre-painted aluminum circle

      1070 aluminum circle contains 99.7% aluminium, ranking top in softness of all aluminium alloys. It has a high plasticity, good corrosion resistance and outstanding heat conductivity, especially suitable as a raw material for deep drawing and spinning products. In comparison to 3003 and 5005, its only advantage is low price. 1070 is usually made into ordinary domestic objects, like pots, strainers, pot lids, basins etc. It’s seldom painted, for painted circles match higher-end products requiring stronger hardness and erosion resistance, where 3003 and 5052 are adopted. 3003 aluminum circle mainly contains aluminum and manganese, harder than 1070 and weaker than 5052. It’s a member of anti-rust aluminium, thus enjoying a longer service life than 1070 circle in natural conditions. 5052 aluminum circle is the best in either hardness or corrosion resistance, with anti-rust magnesium as its alloying metal. Magnesium is even lighter than aluminium, but its plasticity is poor, which prevents it from being applied extensively. While combined with aluminium, however, it obtains an excellent tensile strength. Pre-painted aluminum circle 5052 is used in high pressure cookers, pizza cookers, lamp covers etc.

      Pre-painted aluminum circles can be coated with pe, pvdf and pvc. We can supply circles of thickness from 0.5mm to 6mm, and diameter 100mm to 1200mm. Those over 700mm wide will be more expensive. Welcome to contact us at august@haomei-aluminium.com for more information!

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