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How to prevent oxidation of coil stock aluminum

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    How to prevent oxidation of coil stock aluminum
    In fact, it is very simple to prevent the oxidation of coil stock aluminum, that is, to avoid the water on the aluminium coil, so the main thing is to find a waterproof warehouse to put it, and then open the packaging in time when it is used, there will be no problem.
    1. If there is roof leakage in your warehouse or workshop, it is important to pay attention to the fact that it is not suitable to place coil aluminum rolls. Even if placed, cover the aluminium coil rolls with a layer of waterproof plastic.
    2. Strengthen the management of air drying to ensure the moisture in compressed air. You can put some desiccant around the coil or blow it with a fan.
    3. When low temperature area is transported into high temperature area or area with high humidity of air, do not open the sealed package immediately, but should be placed for 3-5 days before opening.
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