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How to pack aluminium strip before delivery | Aluminium supp

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      A aluminum strip is so soft that it is necessary to avoid bumping during packaging and movement. Bumping during delivery will form pits on the surface of aluminium strips, which directly affects the use. Therefore, the aluminum belt should not be bumped and bumped in the packaging and transportation. In manufacturing process, aluminium strip suppliers should make every effort to avoid flaws and reduce edge burrs to improve performance and accuracy of the strip. What’s more, wider and wider application of aluminum strips leads to higher and higher requirements in its production. It’s really a pity if perfect strips get damaged during delivery. How to pack aluminium strip before delivery, then?
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      It is usually packaged in a vertical format. The aluminium strip of each disc are separated by foam and wooden boards, and the paper tubes are connected in series by paper tubes and plastic tubes, and the packaging is firm to prevent looseness between the discs. Uncut and cut aluminum-plastic composite tape The uncut aluminum-plastic composite tape can be laid flat or placed vertically. The aluminium strip is mainly used as a shielding layer for the production of communication cables, and mainly serves as a shielding function. The composite aluminum strip has a flat section, no burrs, no curling, no other quality defects such as notches, and the layer-to-layer misalignment is less than 5 mm.

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