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Are aluminium circles grade 1100 used in auto parts

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      Aluminium circles grade 1100 is among the most popular alu circle products. Other alloys of aluminium discs cover 1050, 1060, 1070, 3003, 3004, 5052 etc. End products of aluminum circle discs are so ubiquitous that you can not avoid spotting them every single day. At home there are kitchenware, on the street traffic signs, in office lamp parts and in super markets sealing caps for can food. In addition to these regular applications known to all, the circles can even be applied in mechanical making and car building. While 1100 is renowned as an excellent cookware material, can it be used in auto parts?
    aluminium circles grade 1100

      To figure this out, we need to compare the properties of 1100 aluminium circle and those required of auto part materials. 1100 aluminium is the hardest of 1000 series, but much weaker than either 3xxx or 5xxx series, not to mention 6xxx and 7xxx alloy circles. It has a good corrosion resistance, heat conductivity, electricity conductivity and plasticity. As a circle material whose further process entails deep drawing and spinning, it’s perfect. All these properties are perfect for auto parts, too. The critical weakness, however, lies in its low hardness. This makes it impossible for 1100 aluminium circles to become a raw material for auto parts that usually withstands a certain weight. As a matter of fact, even 3xxx aluminum circles are not strong enough in this regard.

      Regular alloys for auto parts, on the other hand, incorporate 5052, 5754 and 6061, all of which boast stronger hardness and corrosion resistance. Though their plasticity might be lower, this can be compensated by proper heat treatment and annealing methods. Regular tempers of these alloys are H32, O and T6. And T6 is only for 6061, for the other two alloys can not be treated in this way. Common thicknesses of the alu circles are bigger than those of aluminium circles grade 1100, too, ranging between 4mm and 9mm.

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