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Aluminium disc circle containers shipped to Africa

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      A new consignment of aluminium disc circle containers are shipped to Africa at the beginning of the new year 2020, which marked the third year of our cooperation with the same client, a cookware manufacturer.
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      The specification of aluminium discs he ordered is as below:

      Alloy: 1070, 1100

      Thickness: 2.5mm 3mm

      Diameter: 450mm 500mm

      Temper: H14 H24

      These are for pots and kettles. In addition to specifications above, we also supply 3003 and 5052 aluminum circle sheets for pressure cookers. Thickness ranges from 1mm to 10mm and diameter can be made up to 1200mm. Not a few cookware manufacturers in Africa and South America are using our products. The second biggest cookware giant in Canada are ordering from us, too. Boasting 12 years experience in serving overseas clients, we have built a systematic service group dealing with issues before, during and after sales. If you are thinking about changing a supplier, or are about to build a new factory with aluminium circle discs as its raw material, do not hesitate to contact us! We are even able to help you make workshop design and machine purchasing for you after so many years of experience in serving clients from all over the world!

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