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Cookware aluminum circle 3003 price

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    γ€€γ€€Aluminum circle 3003 cookware ranks middle in either performance or price. Containing an alloying metal of manganese, 3003 displays a higher hardness and erosion resistance than pure aluminium. It is a heat treated deformed aluminium alloy that can not be strengthened. The tensile strength of 3003 aluminium is from 140MPA to 180MPA and yielding strength over 115MPA. The heat conductivity of 3003 under 20 degree centigrade at O state is 193w/(m*k), H12 163w/(m*k), H14 159w/(m*k) and H18 155w/(m*k).
    aluminum circle 3003 cookware

    γ€€γ€€The price of aluminum circle 3003 is between $2300 to $2800 per metric ton. It’s higher than 1xxx aluminum round sheets yet lower than 5xxx ones. It’s hard to give a specific price here, because it relates closely to specification and surface treatment you need. Circles of regular specifications with thickness from 1mm to 5mm and width within 600mm are cheaper, for they are usually at stock, and there’s no need of special punch press dies. Mill finish circle discs are cheaper because no extra surface process has been entailed. In contrast, pre-painted aluminum circles and anodized aluminum circles prove to be more expensive owing to extra material and process costs. Therefore, if you need a specific price, please send us the specification you need or the end application of the circle, and we will be able to give you a satisfying price based on instant market situation.

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