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1xxx aluminum alloy circle plate for utensil

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      A 1xxx aluminum alloy circle plate for utensil can be of alloys of 1050, 1060, 1070 and 1100, all of which are popular in application. Mostly between 0.5mm and 3mm thick, 1xxx aluminum circles cover a wide range of application, such as cookware, lamp covers, television satellite signal collecting panels, power battery shells and so on.
    1xxx aluminum alloy circle plate for utensil

      The 1xxx aluminum circle for utensil is popular first because of their low price, which is further determined by the mature process and simple technology. 1000 aluminium alloy circle plate contains little alloying metals. Compared to other series, it’s weaker in hardness and shorter in service life. Soft and tensile, it’s made into cooking utensils more easily than other alloys. Except for conventional items spotted in the kitchen, it turns into rare cookware, too. Such a small piece of aluminium disc occupies a position in kitchens of African farmers and Hollywood stars. Its end products include pots, strainers, spoons, lids, pressure cookers, pizza cooking trays, cake molds and so on.

      1050106010701100 aluminum circle sheet pieces are light in weight, good in erosion resistance and approachable in price. Although they usually impress people with poorer performances in application, their corrosion resistance and service life can be improved efficiently by proper technical methods. Anodizing, for example, helps to from a hard protective film on the surface of an aluminum circle and make utensil as long lasting as you want. Color coating is another method to extend the circle’s service life, and hot rolling proves to be better than cold rolling in guaranteeing mechanical and chemical properties of the aluminum alloy circle plates.

      Haomei aluminium circle workshop is characterized by advanced automatic production line, skillful staff and strict quality control. Our aluminium discs have been made into utensils in countries of Africa, Asia, America, Europe and Australia. If you need aluminium round sheets of any specification, please contact us!

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