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3xxx aluminum circle - anodized mill finish 3003 3004 disc

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      3xxx aluminum circle includes 3003, 3004 and 3005 aluminum round sheets of 0.5mm to 6mm thick and 100mm to 900mm round. 3xxx aluminium is a low-strength Al-Mn aluminum alloy used widely as an anti-rust material. The only way to improve its hardness and mechanical properties is by cold working.
    3xxx aluminum circle

      3003 has good performances in forming property, dissolve property and corrosion resistance, commonly used in ships, ships, vehicle materials, automobile and aircraft plate welding parts, pressure vessels that require strict fire protection, refrigeration devices, TV towers, drilling equipment, transportation equipment, missile components, armor, etc. 3003 aluminum circle is applied in cookware, lamp and power battery shells.

      3004 series aluminum alloy has a higher strength than 3003, featured by excellent forming ability and good corrosion resistance. It is used for parts requiring higher strength than 3003 alloy, such as chemical product production and storage devices, thin plate processing parts, building materials, building baffles, Cable pipes, sewers, various lamp parts, beverage cans, wave boards, building materials, colored aluminum plates, electric lamp heads, etc. 3004 aluminum circle has similar application scope with 3003, and painted 3004 circles are used in traffic signs.

      Another member of 3xxx aluminum circle, 3005 aluminum, is about 20% higher than that of 3003, and the corrosion resistance is also better. The manganese content of 3005 is between 1.0-1.5. 3005 is more expensive and commonly used than 1xxx aluminum alloys.

      Haomei supplies three kinds of surface treatment methods for 3xxx aluminum circle: mill finish, anodizing and color coating. Mill finish circles are the simplest and cheapest, obtained by punching mill finished aluminium sheets or rolls into circle pieces of given diameters. Anodizing and color coating entail an extra process of aluminum circle blanks before punching them, the cost of which is very high, thus prices of the circles are higher, too.

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