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1100h12 h14 aluminum circle features and application

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      1100h12 aluminum circle is a product obtained through deep processing of aluminum plate or rolls. Nowadays, the demand for aluminium circle discs in foreign markets proves to be larger than at home, and most of the domestically produced aluminum wafers are exported. Aluminum circles have all the characteristics of aluminium sheets of the same alloys and tempers. They can be mill finished, coated, anodized or even embossed in accordance to practical needs. The tempers for 1100 alu circle include O and H14, although other tempers are available, too. For alu discs of these two states are the best for deep drawing and spinning.
    1100h14 h14 aluminum circle

      The surface of aluminum circles are bright and smooth even after being further processed, and electric products and cookware made of 1100 h14 h12 circles have a good heat dissipation effect, a light weight, an excellent corrosion resistance and a long service life. 1100h12 h14 aluminum circle is used for lamps, lampshades, cooking utensils, aluminum pots, aluminum pots, aluminum pots, electric kettles, heat-conducting chassis, rice cookers, smokeless pots, fine iron pots, European style pots, non-stick pots, aluminum bottles, aluminum buckets, road signs, some aluminum containers, capacitor aluminum shell blanks etc.

      The 1100 aluminum circle Haomei supplies is of tempers O, H12, H14, H18 and H24, thickness 0.3 to 10mm, and diameter 100mm to 1250mm. The raw material (sheet or coil blanks) can be hot or cold rolled. We guarantee top quality of the same aluminium circle price, for we attach high importance to raw material purchasing and process control in production. As a two-decade supplier, we have served clients from over 80 countries and are ready to welcome more friends!

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