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1060 aluminum circle price from manufacturers

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      1060 aluminum circle price is among the lowest based on figures of manufacturers. 1060 circles of varied thicknesses and diameters differ a little in price. Details are as below.

      Most aluminum discs circles of 1060 alloy do not exceed 3mm in thickness, although many manufacturers list their production range up to 10mm and even thicker. Regular cookware aluminium circles are only around 1mm thick. The price fluctuates near $2400 per metric ton. Few large-scale suppliers would offer in the unit of KG or pieces, since real buyers come from cookware and lamp factories that never need such small quantities. If you need the circle discs to be thicker, the price would rise by hundreds of dollars. Thick aluminum circle pieces usually serve as heavy pot bottom base materials.
    1060 aluminum circle

      Diameters of 1060 aluminum circles ranges from 100mm to 1200mm, mostly to 950mm. In practice, few purchasers ask over 700mm, for little cookware or other end products of aluminium circles would have such big diameters. Correspondingly the maximum diameter of our aluminum circle press machines reaches only around 750mm. If you need larger circles, you would have to pay higher prices, as relative production entails extra costs.

      Although we have given a range for 1060 aluminum circle price above, the figure is not stable, since it’s influenced by many other factors, such as aluminum ingot price, political policies, delivery cost and so on. And no manufacturers are able to provide a never-changeable price.

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