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Differences between 1050 and 3003 aluminum circle

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    Aluminum circle 1050 is made of pure aluminium, and 3003 of alloy aluminium. The latter shows better performances in hardness, corrosion resistance and service life.

      1050 aluminium contains an aluminium content of 99.5%, with 0.5% of other metals and impurities. High content of aluminium endows the circle with a good plasticity. 1050 circle discs are made into common cookware like pots, kettles, pans and so on. In comparison to 3003, it’s lower in hardness, as other members of the 1xxx aluminum alloys. 3003 contains around 3% alloying metals, among which manganese takes up the largest share. The joining of these metals improves the hardness of 3003 aluminum circle substantially. The tensile strength of 3003 H18 aluminium reaches 180 rm, much larger than 125 rm, the hardest state of 1050.
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      All aluminium circles display a natural corrosion resistance, simply because the element of aluminium are too active. Different from iron and copper whose oxide materials are powder like and finely-divided, aluminium has an oxide object that is dense and strong. The object adheres to the surface of an aluminium product so firmly that it prevents most corrosive chemicals from damaging the inner parts of the product. This, however, explains only the origin of natural corrosion resistance of pure aluminium wafers like 1050. 3003 aluminum circle discs possess another weapon: alloying metal of manganese. Manganese, with a stronger rust resistance than aluminium, make all 3000 aluminium products powerful enough in front of most regular invaders.

      Combining the two parts above, we come to a conclusion that 1050 aluminum circle has nothing to compete with 3003 circles under the same process. Therefore, products made of 1050 generally enjoy less service life as well. In spite of these, 1050 remains popular in many industries, especially cookware. The thin round aluminium sheet turns into a daily item in remote Africa before you even know it, and you may even washed your hands in such a basin as a young child.

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