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Manufacturing methods of 1 inch aluminum strips

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      The manufacturing methods of 1 inch aluminum strips can be divided into the following types:

      1) According to the rolling temperature, it can be divided into hot rolling, warm rolling and cold rolling. Hot rolling is relative to cold rolling. Cold rolling is rolling below the recrystallization temperature, and hot rolling is rolling above the recrystallization temperature. In simple terms, an aluminum billet is rolled after several passes, then trimmed, and corrected into an aluminum plate. This is called hot rolling, which can significantly reduce energy consumption and reduce costs.

      2) According to the production mode, the manufacturing methods of 1 inch aluminum strips can be divided into slab rolling and belt rolling.
    1 inch aluminum strips

      The block method is to cut into a certain length of plate after hot rolling or cold rough rolling (cold pass), and then use cold rolling and other processes until the finished product. With this method, the equipment and operation are simple, the investment small, the implementation quick, and the variety and specifications of the production flexible. Generally this method is suitable for small factories. However, the block method is an ancient production method with low productivity and yield, high labor intensity, poor production conditions, long cycles, and limited product varieties, especially the restrictions on aluminum veneer sheet production.

      The strip method is rolling the aluminium strip coil into rolls, and then finally slit them into rolls. With this method, large ingots and high-speed rolling can be used. It is easy to achieve continuous, automated and computer control of the production process to achieve high quality, high efficiency, and low labor intensity. However, the equipment is complicated, the investment large, and the construction period long. It is suitable for large and medium-sized factories with large product scales, strong technical strength, and single varieties.

      3) According to the rolling arrangement, it can be divided into single stand rolling, multi-stand semi-continuous rolling, continuous rolling, continuous casting and continuous rolling and continuous casting rolling.

      In production practice of 1 inch aluminum strips 1060, you can choose the appropriate production method according to the specific conditions such as the alloy composition, variety, specifications, use, quantity and quality requirements, market requirements, and equipment configuration and national conditions.

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