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08mm 10mm thick aluminum circle

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      08mm 10mm thick aluminum circle refers to aluminium discs of two different thicknesses: 0.8mm and 10mm. The former falls on the deep drawing aluminium circle group made into baking plates, juice plates, cake muffin baking plates, soup pots, steam pots, pasta pots and even frying pans. The latter is usually processed into soup pots, Dutch pots and heavy baking plates.
    08mm 10mm thick aluminum circle

      Deep drawing is the process of stamping, drawing ring or metal die to transform aluminium circle pieces metal into cylinder or round parts. Deep drawing of metal is the process of stamping, drawing ring or metal die to transform sheet metal materials into cylinder or box shaped parts. Deep drawing is usually carried out on the anti wrinkle pressing plate of double acting press. The anti wrinkle pressing plate can effectively prevent the raised edge from wrinkling when being pulled into the steel mold. Die casting is a kind of metal casting process for further process of 10mm thick aluminum circle, which is characterized by applying high pressure to molten metal by using the inner cavity of the die. The mold is usually made of alloy with higher strength. This process is similar to injection molding.

      Our 10mm 08mm thick aluminum circle sheets are low in ear rate, free from oil, good in plasticity, satisfying in corrosion resistance and easy in cleaning. Regular alloys for the circle sheets cover 3003, 5052 1050 1060 1100 aluminum alloy of aluminum circles. Haomei supplies aluminium discs circles for battery shells, cookware, lamp parts and traffic signs. Welcome to send inquiries!

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